Example of Full block business letter


895 North Main Street       
     Bowling Green, OH 43402     
     February 16, 1994          

     Ms. Maria Reinaldo          
     Customer Relations          
     Ohio Telephone Company      
     133 Buckley Street          
     Columbus, OH 43217         

     Dear Ms. Reinaldo:        
     I received a collection notice from the Ohio Telephone Company
     on February 13, 1994.  The letter states that I owe a past due
     balance from the September 16 to October 16 billing period in
     1993.The letter also states that my service will be
     disconnected unless I act immediately; however, I am now
     informing you for the second time that I paid that bill on
     January 1st, 1994.

 |   On January 15th, I received a call from one of your
     representatives about this matter, and I immediately told him
     that approximately two weeks ago I sent a check to your office
     for the due amount of $132.57.  Unfortunately, I failed to get
     his name.  I am irritated that you have not taken care of this
     matter since I have the canceled check in my possession, and
     I am enclosing a copy of it herewith.  

     I hope that this will settle the matter once and for all.  
     Sincerely yours,          

     Bill Moritz               
     (419) 352-5555
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