Letters of complaint by inserting the correct verb form and appropriate expressions

1)         I will informing you  that complaints have been received about dogs dirtving the grounds and ground floor lobby. When I investigated , I discovered that the dogs belong to you. I also finding that they have been frightening the children playing in the estate. In view of this , I am sure you are keep your dogs on a leash when they are out in the grounds. To ensure clean premises, I am grateful if you taken them daily to the public park nearby.

2)         When I have to write to you about the noise coming from your flat. Your neighbourshas inform me that they have difficulties putting their young childern to bed, and with the examinations coming up, they worried that the older childern will not be able to concentrate.
have you probably did not realize how sound does travel, particularly when the walls and ceiling are thin. If your children to play in the grounds in the afternoon or suggest to them that confine themselves to less boisterous games in the flat, especially at night.. I haveco-operation.

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