Relative Pronoun

Relative Pronoun

Yaitu Adjective Clause dengan memakai kata penghubung Relative Pronoun.
-The boy is called Bob. He gave me a present.
-The boy who gave me a present is called Bob. atau
-The boy who is called Bob gave me a present.

· Kata Ganti Orang

Kata Penghubung yang digunakan adalah : Who, Whom, Whose, That

Fungsi :

a. Subjek:

– He paid the money to the man who / that had done the work

b. Objek Kata Kerja:

– He paid the man whom/that he had hired.

c. Objek Kata Depan:

– He paid the man from whom he had borrowed the money.

d. Kata Ganti Kepunyaan:

– This is the girl whose picture you saw.

· Benda, Binatang

Kata Penghubung yang digunakan adalah: Which, that


a. Subjek:

– Here is a book which/that describes animals.

b. Objek Kata Kerja:

– The chair which/that he broke is being repaired.

c. Objek Kata Depan:

– She was wearing the coat for which she had paid $2,00.

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